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Yoga is for EveryBody
A common misunderstanding is that you need to be flexible or athletic to practice yoga, however increasing flexibility is one of the reasons we practice yoga. There are variations of the poses suitable for all levels and as you practice you will observe your body and mind lengthen and strengthen. Yoga is non-competitive and is to be practiced without judgement of self or others - which is a practice in itself!

Yoga and its benefits
Hatha Yoga is a body and mind practice that has been followed in India for thousands of years. It incorporates techniques which help strengthen the body, mind and spirit, increase flexibility, open the heart, reduce stress, increase lung capacity, improve focus and concentration and invite joy, harmony, balance, love and light into our lives. It improves the functions of all the bodily systems, increases mental clarity, increases energy and stamina, lubricates the joints, tendons and ligaments, and massages all the organs of the body, releasing toxins from the body, and generates an over-all sense of well-being .

Things to keep in mind when practicing yoga

Health & well-being: Listen to your body
It is important to be mindful when practicing yoga. Listen to your body - if at any time you feel pain or discomfort or have a concern about your well-being stop and come out of the posture. Some bodies are not meant to move in certain ways - you know your body best so practice awareness when doing yoga or any activity. Although believed to be beneficial for many health and medical conditions, yoga is not intended to replace professional medical care or treatment.

Breath Awareness
Breathing is an integral part of practicing yoga postures. Breathing fully and mindfully into postures allows you to breathe energy into muscles that are being stretched or worked increasing flexibility and endurance. Focusing on what is happening in the present moment relaxes the mind, relieving mental stress. Unless otherwise indicated, always breathe in and out through the nose (unless you are congested).

Relaxed Shoulders
Yoga postures should be practiced with the shoulders relaxing away from the ears. This releases stress in the head, neck and back, and increases the range of movement of the arms.

Strong Spine
Most postures are practiced with a “straight” spine. This means sitting or standing with the tailbone slightly tucked in, shoulders rolling slightly back and down, chin slightly tucked in and crown of the head lifting up. This posture (“Mountain Pose” or Tadasana in Sanskrit) accentuates the spines natural curves and allows the back muscles to rest on the natural pillar of the spine.

Proper Alignment
Proper alignment is of the utmost importance when practicing yoga in order to prevent injury and to establish a solid foundation from which to grow your practice. Greater freedom in the body will result when yoga postures are practiced with knowledge and practice of proper alignment.

Creating Space
Yoga is about creating space. When practiced properly postures will create space rather than compress. For example, this awareness can be brought to the spine in seated postures such as Easy Pose as well as standing postures like Trikonasana and supine postures such as Cobra and Sphinx to name a few.


It is recommended to practice yoga on an empty stomach – do not eat 2-3 hours prior to class. Wear comfortable clothing you can stretch and bend in. It is suggested you bring a water bottle to class.




Tatiana Ishwari Nemchin, your certified yoga instructor in Ottawa

Akhanda Yoga, a wholistic approach to yoga in the traditional style


See what students are saying:

“Honestly I didn't think I would like Yoga.  I thought I was too high-strung for it; I was afraid of being an outcast among the hardcore yogamites!  Happily, Tatiana is such a chill, open, honest, and quirky teacher I didn't, for one moment, feel out of place.  I leave every class with Tatiana feeling like I just gave myself a gift!”

-- Josie

"You are an excellent teacher and deliver the peace and clarity that I so desperately need. Afterwards I feel so good because I know I did something for ME, for MY body, which I LOVE!  I just needed to share that with you so that you know the affect you're having.  I really believe this is what you are meant to do Tatiana!"

-- Akhanda Yoga Student    © Tatiana Nemchin 2007